Electrical Materials
Cables, Conduits and Accessories


Industrial Equipments
Switches, Isolating switches, Circuit breakers
Sockets and Plugs
. Transformers and Static Inverters
Cabinets, Enclosures and Boxes
Relays and Process Controllers
Starters and Speed Controllers
Speed, Proximity Sensors
LV / HV Cables
Cable Trays
Earthing Materials



LV Electrical Panels


Main & Secondary Switchboards
Distribution Boards
. Process Cabinets
Network & Communication Cabinets
Marshalling Panels
Control Console
Special Boards & Cabinets



Electrical Equipments For
Hazardous Locations


Increase Safety EEx materials
Flameproof materials
. Fluorescents Lighting
Floodlights & Lanterns
Plugs and Sockets
Junction Boxes
Control Stations & Switches
Cable Glands


Industrial Lighting




Lighting Poles
Lighting Columns
. Roadway Lanterns & Floodlights
Connection Devices
Fluorecents Lightings
Emergency Lightings
Lamps, Bulbs, Tubes, Ballast



Measuring & Detection


Electric Measurement
Detection and Testing Materials
. Corosion Testing Materials
Optic Test Materials
Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Sensors
Differntial Tranducers
Gas Analysis and Measure Equipment



Instruments, Tubes and Components
Metal Framing and Pipes Supports


Industrial Equipments
Galvanized Steel Supports and Accessories
. Flanges, Couplings, Fittings
Valves, Control Valves, Manifolds
Filters, Catchpots
Metal Framing Assembly
Vacuum Applications



HV / LV Transformers
HV Switchgears
HV Cables


LV Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers
HV / LV Immersed Transformers
. LV Subsations
Integrated Power Platforms





Individual Protection Equipments
On-site Security
. Earthing and Grounding
Insulated Tools
Security Signs



Control and Regulation


Pressures Switches and Thermostats
Fluid Level Switches
. Sensors
Pressure Transmitters
Pneumatic Controllers
Control Valves